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Lodge on Echo Lake, NY

Laurel & Jeremy

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Laurel and Jeremy really know how to make a DIY wedding look spectacular! I was endlessly impressed by all the small details involved in the Echo Lake wedding — especially since this awesome couple planned it all from Texas! The morning of the wedding was a warm and sunny one, setting the mood for this happy and energetic couple. I joined Laurel and the girls at Echo Lake, where they exchanged gifts and laughter. Laurel was stunning in natural makeup and a complicated braid reminiscent of old world glam. Small details in the shoes, jewelry and ring showed off Laurel’s quirky style, while maintaining the classic look that Echo Lake provides. Once the girls were all ready, I headed over to Jeremy and photographed as he, his sister and his groomsmen donned peacock feather bowties (and a hairpiece!) and classic formalwear. Jeremy anxiously awaited Laurel for their first look in the camp field — and he was not disappointed! Tears flowed all around and the couple couldn’t wait to get started on their formal photos. After photographing around the property, and at my “secret river spot,” Laurel and Jeremy walked down the aisle for their sweet ceremony. Following an exchange of rings and a hand fasting, the couple joined their guests at cocktail hour at the Lodge on Echo Lake. Sweet parent dances and a first dance started off the reception — which was full of awesome dancers, singers and breakdancing! The wedding wrapped up with a beautiful bonfire and some creative “fire photos” at the request of the couple. Guests were sure to have enjoyed this fun wedding — even those who came all the way from Texas! Best wishes to this amazing bride and groom!

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