Voted "Best of Lake George Region" 2014 – 2019


Queensbury, NY

From the Photographer

I knew Bridgette and Poul would be a great couple from the moment I met them at a bridal show...their first comments? "We love to have fun, we're big dancers, and we want you to photograph Poul and the boys getting ready at the barbershop." What more could a photographer ask for? The big day, as Poul mentioned, began at Rad Razors barbershop in Glens Falls, where Poul and his closest friends (and dad!) sat for haircuts and straight razor shaves. Its always a great opportunity on the wedding day to photograph the "getting ready" moments of BOTH the bride and groom, and this barbershop session didn't disappoint! After photographing the boys, I headed over to Bridgette and the bridesmaids, who were prepping with hair and makeup at Hiland Park Country Club's bridal suit. Food and drinks surrounded the glowing bride, as she transformed from a quirky, fun-loving girl into a classic pin-up inspired bride. As a creative, I love unique looks and brides who take chances, and boy did Bridgette's wedding day look pay off! She was stunning! Soon after, the ceremony began. The groomsmen and Poul walked in to the "Darth Vader entrance music" from Star Wars, setting the playful tone for the rest of the evening. Poul was clearly emotional as the beautiful bride walked to greet him, and the ceremony that followed was simple, and laughter-filled. Following the ceremony, the couple took family photos and posed for newlywed shots, before joining their guests at cocktail hour. DJ Tom Sliva got the party going with fun entrances for the bridal party and newlyweds, and kept the high energy going through the evening. Highlights included awesome dance moves, a spur of the moment Horrah, and shots of traditional liquor for everyone - provided by the Father of the Groom (which you can assume from the photos wasn't that pleasant going down!). I had such a wonderful time photographing this couple and the night flew by! I wish them every happiness and hope to work with them in the future!

Client Review

Caitlin was so much more wonderful than we could have hoped! We loved Caitlin because of her approachable demeanor which I found to be lacking in other photographers. I’m pretty mild-mannered and have a hard time when photographers are overly bossy and in your face – I’ve been to a lot of weddings in which this is the case so Caitlin was a breath of fresh air. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and also brimming with knowledge and ideas since she completed art school and knows that she can be effective without being overbearing. I am so grateful we found her. She was so easy to work with and open to every idea Poul and I had. Honestly, I was clueless about what shots to take and what to do in each shot – Caitlin made it so that didn’t matter, because she trained us through each shot with very clear and easy instructions. We literally had nothing to worry about all day – she took care of everything. She travelled to each of our “getting ready” locations to get us really special memory shots with our parties and took gorgeous nighttime outdoor photos since daylight was not on our side in mid-November. After the wedding I had SO many different people approach me to tell me how amazing she was, commenting on how she appeared to be everywhere and nowhere all at once. She was there already anticipating a photo to be taken before someone could ask her to take it. My dad was especially impressed at how hard she worked to get things right, like her standing on chairs to get an aerial view of our crazy dancers. We have SO MANY beautiful photos and I’m shocked that other than the formal photos we took, I barely remember seeing Caitlin at all throughout the reception – which speaks to her ability to know where to be for every photo op whike placing herself in the perfect spot so she’s on the outside looking in. I hope to have more occasions in the future which we can hire her for! Maternity shoot perhaps?! Any excuse will do – we will be hiring her again!!

Favorite Moment:
I loved the outdoor photos Caitlin snuck us away for. We were having so much fun dancing with our friends and family but took a really nice break to cool off and get some really beautiful outdoor photos. It was timed perfectly and we didn’t feel like we missed a thing, but rather that we had some time for just the two of us and that was really special. Rating 5/5

—Bridgette & Poul