Greg & Kramer

NYS Museum, NY

My husband and I strongly recommend hiring Caitlin Miller of Caitlin Miller Photography. This review will focus less on Caitlin’s outstanding photography skills and instead will explain why one of the toughest parts of our wedding day was having to say goodbye to her. The excellence of her work is clear on her website and is cited by many other reviewers. The pictures she took for our engagement and wedding are phenomenal and we have received so many compliments on them. We found Caitlin through a recommendation from another vendor, and I remember the first time we spoke with her. We had to use Skype because I was out of town on business. Before we hung up the phone, I told her that we would be in contact soon with a decision. We had already spoken with two other photographers and needed to choose. Within seconds of hanging up my fiancé called me and we both exclaimed, “She is our photographer, hands-down!” Within a week we had booked with her. I think what sold us that day was her warm and sunny personality mixed with a drive and clarity that we knew would be useful on a busy wedding day. During the initial call when we were unsure of a specific detail or plan, she did not put pressure on us to decide. She knew that this was the first time we had worked with a professional photographer and made sure to take the time to explain the details and answer our questions. We also felt that her packages and pricing were straightforward, and customizable. She made a stellar first impression.

Our engagement shoot occurred about 6 months later, and it went great. We selected a location that she had never shot at and that we hadn’t fully explored, and Caitlin was completely open (and excited) about it! We hit it off from the start, and at times got a bit preoccupied with chatting with Caitlin. Luckily she is flexible and allowed us to get through all our “must-have” photos. As with any couple the way people are positioned in photos matter, and as a same-sex couple that balance can be trickier to strike. Who sits higher on the hill, or wraps their arms around their partner from behind? Caitlin showed her expertise that day, and we ended up with photos that were diverse and that captured a range of emotions. The moment we saw those first photos from our shoot we knew we had made the best decision.

Fast-forward many months and our wedding day was upon us. As we neared the day communication from Caitlin was always efficient and clear. She prompted us to think about the structure and timing of our first look, to consider having an unplugged ceremony, and made sure to clear-up exactly how we would handle photos with our family. She also shared in our excitement about using smoke bombs to make a dramatic rainbow effect in some of our pre-ceremony photos. Every step of the way we could tell that Caitlin was passionate about her work and always willing to try new things. She made us feel special, even though we knew she had so many other couples that she was working with. The other thing that we appreciated was that she was willing to share her own ideas and opinions-we were so grateful for those and took many of them (she is the professional after all!). Photography on the day of our wedding was perfect, we had a second shooter as well, Carolyn, who was great. My husband and I agree that the best thing Caitlin brought to the day of our wedding was a clear plan (built based on our input) and the confidence to tell our guests, “Hi, sorry-I need the grooms to come with me.” In effect, making herself the “bad guy” in order to ensure we got all the right shots. Caitlin did an awesome job balancing our time with our guests with the importance of capturing the day. In no way did any guest ever have a bad reaction to this, but it was nice to not have to be the one to tell our guests we had to go. We would just point at Caitlin and say, “Oh, Caitlin needs us!” With so much pressure on you the day of your wedding, having this level of support is an absolute necessity. And, again, because Caitlin is so kind and warm-everyone who engaged with her walked away with a very favorable impression. In fact, many guests shared how impressed they were with her style and how unobtrusive she was throughout the event. She is just that good! And for all these reasons, my husband and I are not being overdramatic by stating that saying goodbye to Caitlin the end of the night was hard for us. Caitlin is an amazing photographer, and a great person. She will have your best interest at heart, and you too will be sad to say goodbye. Luckily, you get to continue to work with her after the big day. We are enjoying going through our wedding gallery and look forward to selecting final photos for our wedding album. Photos that capture my husband and I perfectly because Caitlin has the skills and took the time to invest herself into our wedding. Rating 5/5

Tyler and Emily

Caitlin is Amazing!!

Caitlin was the first vendor that Emily and I choose when we first got engaged. Emily met her at a Bridal Show and we immediately fell in love with her work.

Fast forwarding to the wedding day, I don’t think Emily and I could imagine how good Caitlin really was. We had very high expectations and she blew those out of the water. She is the definition of professional with the most amazing personality. She was able to get everyone where they needed to be flawlessly, she managed to capture all the perfect moments of our day, and she made sure that Emily and I were always good to go.
For anyone looking for a photographer, I would not look any further. Caitlin should be your first and only choice. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Emily and I will be forever grateful for the job that Caitlin did!

Kasey and Frank

Wouldn’t have been the same without Caitlin!

Caitlin captured all the best moments of our wedding and was a very welcome addition to our special day! Planning with Caitlin was seamless and gave us comfort – she is professional and clearly has a lot of experience. During the planning, we welcomed Caitlin’s guidance which helped us make decisions for the day. I joke with my husband she was my best bridesmaid 😉 we married during covid so I only had my MOH by my side, but Caitlin was right there helping me with my dress, my veil, my flowers… not only did she capture the beautiful day we had but she was a great addition to join our little intimate wedding party 😉

McKenna and Shane

The Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding

Caitlin was great throughout our whole experience. When our original wedding date had to be postponed, she worked with us and was very responsive when we were trying to figure out what to do next.

During the wedding she did an amazing job at getting the perfect photos. I had told her about some insecurities that I had and she did a great job of taking those insecurities away. If we had any questions about anything during the day, she either had an answer for us or was able to find it out. She also always made sure my dress was looking it’s best throughout the day. She truly wants you to have the best day possible and does everything she can to make that happen.

Whitney and Tyler


I originally found Caitlin’s profile on Wedding Wire and I browsed her website and determined I loved her pictures and she had such great reviews! Upon meeting with Caitlin, I knew shortly into our meeting that she would be our photographer. Caitlin has such a calm, professional, and kind demeanor. Caitlin was extremely responsive, informative, and understanding of my millions of questions. Caitlin was fantastic the day of my wedding and helped everything stay on track, smooth, and all while keeping in mind my want of more candid photos in addition to your more standard wedding photos. Caitlin was able to wrangle groomsmen that needed direction, capture funny candid pictures, help me from stepping on my train a million times, and offer different ideas and poses for pictures. My now husband and I are not the most comfortable with a camera and being the center of attention but Caitlin made us both feel comfortable and captured the best photos. I am absolutely thrilled with her work and am so glad we made the choice to have her be a part of our day!

Columbia and Gagan

Hall of Springs, NY

Amazing Photographer!!

I cannot say enough great things about Caitlin! She is so sweet and did an amazing job capturing our wedding day. Throughout the day, Caitlin was a tremendous help. She was able to keep us on schedule, placed boutonnières on the groomsmen, and even helped with the buttons on my dress. Caitlin’s personality makes you feel completely at ease, which is a huge relief on your big day! We just received our wedding photos and I cannot stop smiling! I cannot wait to wait for our wall art session. Thank you so much Caitlin!

Lauren and Vinnie

Hire her!

Caitlin is amazing! She communicated consistently while we were planning and sent us friendly reminders for outstanding items she needed from us. It was a really big help since my brain was running on fumes lol.

She gave direction really well and was calm, cool, and collected the entire time. Her demeanor made it much easier to be ourselves while shooting. She made candid pictures look awesome and none of our smiles or body language felt fake.

Hire her, she is beyond worth it!

Caitlin and Christian

We loved caitlin!!!

Caitlin was so much fun to work with!! She definitely made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We loved her creativity and pose suggestions. Caitlin really listened to our vision and made sure to capture everything we requested. Not only was she our photographer but I really feel like she guided our day and made everything flow so nicely!!