Nicole & Geoff

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Geoff and I reached out to many photographers before we spoke to Caitlin. Once we met with her we knew the decision was easy. Her personality and pictures spoke for themselves. Caitlin was so helpful on our wedding day and she went above and beyond to help make our day special. She came to our house to get pictures of the bridesmaids getting ready. When it was time to pin on the boutonni√®res none of us knew how to do it so Caitlin offered to do all of them. During our ceremony, Geoff and I never “saw” Caitlin. She was never in a spot that was distracting and she was never blocking anyone’s view of what was going on which was so nice. For our bubble exit, Caitlin explained exactly what she wanted us to do before we got outside. She even fixed my veil for me since it was falling out after our receiving line. There was a lot of traffic on our wedding day so everyone was at least 20 minutes late to the reception and the rain clouds were rolling in. From the moment we stepped out of the limo, Caitlin was ready to take pictures. When the rain started, she was quick on her feet and found creative places to take pictures. The great thing about Caitlin is her directions are so clear. I am not very comfortable in front of the camera, but Caitlin made me feel comfortable and that comes across in the pictures. We have had so many people from our wedding comment about how great Caitlin was and we couldn’t agree more! Hiring Caitlin for our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. We are very happy with our engagement photo shoot and the pictures from our wedding day! We can’t say enough about how great Caitlin is!

Favorite Moment:
Our favorite  moment was getting to see our pictures. Caitlin was so quick to get us our pictures and we got to see things that we didn’t see/ notice on our wedding day (especially the dancing pictures!) We can’t stop looking at them!