Becca & Mike

My husband and I made an amazing decision by choosing to have Caitlin to be our wedding photographer! She is so friendly, professional, and helps take the stress away so you can relax. I am so in love with our how our pictures came and it’s all thanks to Caitlin. Not only did she take amazing pictures but it was all the small things throughout the day that added up to everything being so perfect. We love the Adirondacks and had a lot of places that we wanted to take pictures. Not only did Caitlin say yes to everywhere we wanted she was genuinely excited for our locations. Some of the locations, like Chapel Pond and the Cascade Lakes, were harder to get to and she drove us in her car and walked through fields that hadn’t been mowed in order to get the perfect shot. She helped to carry the back of my dress while walking to each place and even rescued my dress from a wet dog who was trying to be friendly. Right before the ceremony I realized that I hadn’t switched from my flip flops to my heels and Caitlin helped me put them on. After the ceremony she made sure to get all of the family pictures that we wanted. Throughout the night as she took pictures she did so with a smile. You can really tell that she loves what she does. Once our pictures were ready Caitlin did a wall art session with us. All we had to do was take pictures of our walls with a blank piece of paper and send them to her. We then met with her and she had already designed picture arrangements for our wall to help us envision what it would really look like hanging up. We got to pick our favorite photos and there were many options from canvases to frames. We ended up ordering a bunch of canvasses and I can’t wait to decorate with them! We had a dream of taking amazing pictures outdoors in the Adirondacks and she made it a reality. Thank you so much Caitlin to helping make our wedding perfect!