Kristen & Mark

Where do I start? I cannot speak highly enough of Caitlin! My excitement for working with Caitlin began after our first Skype meeting, where I found her so easy to work and talk with. The day of the wedding she was professional, energetic and amazingly patient with our families! She even took the time to ensure that each guest in attendance received each photo they wanted–even those that did not include the bride and groom. She made the whole experience incredibly enjoyable.

After photos with the family at the venue, we spent over an hour driving around Keene Valley with Caitlin, exploring different photo locations. She hiked down steep trails, climbed over boulders and walked into streams to make sure we got our dream wedding photos. In the end the photos were absolutely amazing, completely beyond what I was expecting. I am so deeply thankful to Caitlin for capturing our day so perfectly!

Favorite Moment:
Mark: That Caitlin was willing and able to photograph guests at the wedding–whether or not they were directly relating/including the bride and groom.  It was more like having a photographer for the day rather than just a “wedding” photographer.

Kristen: I loved that Caitlin was completely willing to “adventure” with us for an hour or so to get the perfect photos. In doing so she was able to capture our personalities so well in the photos.