Julia & Matt

I don’t think I can fully express how happy I am to have had Caitlin photograph our wedding! She did a fantastic job from start to finish.

Our wedding took place outside of her normal region, however, Caitlin was happy to travel to us as well as accommodate our long distance planning. Throughout the planning and the wedding day, Caitlin was so easy to work with. She was very thorough and professional which really put me at ease.

Caitlin handled all of the wedding chaos with grace! When our wedding coordinator was nowhere to be found, Caitlin took control of the situation without hesitation. Her experience was evident as she was able to think quickly and resolve problems without any of our guests realizing anything had gone wrong. For this I am eternally grateful!  Many of my family members took notice of how hard Caitlin worked. She was not afraid to explore the property and even quickly learned how to drive a golf cart to do so!

I am thrilled with how our photos turned out! Caitlin is so talented and has a fantastic eye. I never imagined we would have so many gorgeous pictures to choose from. Our photographs make me feel so special and I know that we will cherish them for the rest of our life!

Favorite Moment:
There were a couple of awkward moments where guests and event staff were being a nuisance. Caitlin had a way of addressing people with firmness and professionalism that I really appreciated. I felt like Caitlin had our backs to make sure we were having a perfect day!