Emily & Josh

When Josh and I were looking for a photographer, It was on the top of our list of priorities for our Wedding day. It was so important to us to have someone that not only captured all of the special moments, but someone who was comfortable to be around, and someone who was reputable in the Wedding industry.
Caitlin was so easy going, comfortable to be around, and very professional. We could tell that the first time we met her, she would be perfect to photograph our Wedding. Caitlin listened to everything that we were looking for and made sure to make notes of what we discussed in meetings.
On our wedding day Caitlin was promptly to our locations, kept track of time, coordinated with our venue and DJ to make sure the timeline was going well. Caitlin was very calm and collective throughout the whole day and had a peaceful demeanor about her that we loved.
Caitlin went above and beyond as our photographer to not only make sure that we got everything that we were looking for in photos, but also did not bombard us with a camera in our face. She was very respectful about everything and was very transparent, we barely even noticed her throughout the reception but she was there getting SO many photos.
We both felt very relaxed around her and we absolutely loved our time with her for our Wedding day.
When we recently received all of our photos back from Caitlin, we were SO impressed. She was very quick on returning our photos to us and even met with us to show us the images in person, and help design our wall art. We cannot stop looking at the photos she took and we are so happy that we chose her to play a huge part in our special day.
Caitlin not only photographed our Wedding day but captured our relationship and love for each other perfectly in every image and shot that she took. She did an amazing job with editing as well.
We are SO happy that we chose Caitlin to be our photographer and we highly recommend her to anyone! You will definitely not be disappointed.

Favorite Moment:
There is a couple!
When Caitlin took us to our Proposal location and showed us how to “dip” properly. Now we are experts at it! haha
Also, when we went outside the venue during our reception for night photos. It was windy and it was very difficult to light the sparklers that we had. We were all huddled up trying to block the wind to get the sparklers lit. It was not working at all! Caitlin noticed that there was an indian re-enactment taking place next to the fort and they had fires going. Caitlin ran down the hill and lit our sparklers and ran back up to us. She was able to capture so many images with the sparklers in our hands, and the american flag blowing in the wind behind us. Caitlin was quick to think of a solution and we were so happy she did! Those are some of our most favorite images.