Earlene & John

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When Earlene went to the Bridal Expo in Saratoga, she was interested in getting information from the photographers that were present. Earlene met a few but they didn’t have such a first impression as Caitlin did. What immediately stood out about her was how friendly and knowledgeable Caitlin was and she also understood what our vision for our wedding and [we] knew she would be able to fulfill our dreams. Based on Earlene’s initial meeting with Caitlin, we decided to hire her and right from the get go I knew we made a great choice. Caitlin was an absolute joy to work with. She has a very detailed eye and knew what type of pictures would work well for us and suit our fun personalities during our engagement session and wedding. She has a very calm demeanor and was able to direct us without making it feel like we were being bossed around. She had great ideas as to where to shoot and place us, and we trusted her completely. It really shows in the pictures she took….they look absolutely incredible!…Earlene and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and loved them so much we bought a bunch of framed photos and canvasses to put on our wall. We are so overjoyed that we had Caitlin as part of our wedding experience, that we plan to use her again as our photographer in the near future!

Favorite Moment:
Thats easy (even with so many great moments to choose from!)….with our wedding about 2/3 done, it began to snow outside. Caitlin grabbed Earlene and I and asked if we wanted to go outside and snap some pictures in the snow. Having a winter wedding, we had hoped we would get some snow fall on our wedding day and having all the trust in the world with what Caitlin was doing – we immediately jumped at the opportunity and went outside with her and shot some pictures….What we hoped would look great turned out to be pure magic, as the pictures looked amazing….so much so that when Earlene and I saw them for the first time, they brought tears to our eyes….and what was the absolute highlight of pictures taken that day wouldn’t have been possible without Caitlin’s quick decision to improvise and go big! Rating 5/5