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My Philosophy

I believe that photographs really are worth a thousand words. Words spoken and heartfelt, words unspoken but known, words of love and adoration and words of remembrance and memory….Photographs can often speak to us when there are no words to capture what is being felt. They tell us stories – stories we cherish and have heard a thousand times before – or the stories of our lives, which we have only just begun to write.

Photographs have always made stories come alive for me – whether they were within the pages of a National Geographic story on remote and unexplored places… or the stories of my family vacations, school plays or family history in yellowed photo albums.

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to be the storyteller – to be the one to capture life’s most important moments between the layers of film emulsion – to watch the faces of loved ones emerge through the surface of paper steeped in developer in darkroom chemical trays. Of course, now that I shoot digitally, those moments happen on the back of my camera screen – but to me the experience is just as magical. Because photographs do the impossible – they bring us back in time. They evoke emotions and laughter, warmth and joy. They give us a way back to moments otherwise lost to time.

I became a wedding photographer in order to share a piece of that magic. To make images that will be cherished by couples for the rest of their lives. To capture moments that evoke laughter and smiles no matter how many times they’ve been viewed on the pages of a wedding album or behind glass in elegant frames in our homes.

I believe every couple deserves that magic – whether its during their first look and as they say their vows to one another – or its 50 years down the road, holding hands as they share their wedding album with their grandchildren.

“Photography is the art of making memories tangible.”

Destin Sparks

Capturing the Magic

It’s a photographer’s job to not only capture the best memories, but to help the couple show the things that make them beautiful. It’s in the most relaxed moments where each couple shines – showing their inner sense of humor, affection for one another and their best qualities.

Despite all the romanticism and anticipation of a wedding, the reality is the day can often be hectic and stressful. I believe it’s my job to help alleviate that stress through my experience  planning and adjusting on the fly so you don’t have to. I advocate for my couples so they can shine. The couple can then focus on enjoying the moment while I capture the best of their relationship in photos they will cherish for a lifetime.

Wedding photography is about so much more than a snapshot – it’s about capturing the essence of a relationship in a single frame, over and over again, until a story emerges. More than a decade of experience has made me a fluent storyteller – one who can tease out those seemingly effortless moments of intimacy between bride and groom. I have learned to let the magic to come out in its own way to tell a story unique to every couple.

Make It Last Forever

I believe photographs should live in the light – present on our walls in in our homes – a part of the daily stories of our lives. These moments deserve a space where they can speak and share their memories.

For this reason, I have always been an advocate for bringing your photos to life outside of the computer screen. To help with this, I provide archival albums, wall art and printed art options to every one of my couples. Not sure where to start? Let me guide you through a complimentary wall art session to create custom designed canvases, metal prints and framed photos for the spaces inside your home.