Voted "Best of Lake George Region" 2014 – 2018


Great River, NY

From the Photographer

I met Stephanie and Paul at a bridal show last year and we hit it off immediately. Occasionally at bridal shows there are couples you "click with" and I found myself crossing my fingers I would be chosen by them to photograph their long island wedding. As luck would have it, I got my wish and the wedding day finally came in October 2015. I arrived early in the day to photograph Steph and her bridesmaids as they shared laughs, ate snacks, donned makeup and told stories. After taking a quick moment to photograph the flowers, shoes, and bouquet (accented with a pin of the bride's brother, who was deployed with the military), I smiled to myself while capturing Steph's reaction to her wedding dress. The bride had in the past months become a Crossfit member and had lost an impressive amount of weight (boy did she look fantastic!). Once Steph was zipped and buttoned, she and the girls jumped into the limo and met me at the Timber Point Marina, in Great River, NY, for a few fun photos. We quickly wrapped up our session and got the girls tucked away at the Mansion at Timber Point (the perfect Long Island wedding venue) before I once again headed to the marina....this time to photograph Paul and the groomsmen. I could tell from the laughter and smiles during the session that this reception was going to be a blast! At sunset, guests and family gathered on the patio to watch the couple join in marriage. A short but personal ceremony included sweet vows, a blessing (and framed, signed paperwork) from the Pope himself, and humor filled comments by their officiant. A kiss sealed the ceremony, and the love could be seen all over the faces of the newlyweds and their family members. Steph, Paul and I sped to the marina to capture the last of a magical sunset before heading back to the reception. Friends and family welcomed the new couple into the reception with cheering and well wishes. Many speeches followed, including a teary one from the father of the bride. The couple danced the night away with their friends and family and enjoyed reception highlights of first dances, parent dances, cake cutting, a personal serenade from a friend and cotton candy and hot pretzel carts. The couple's long island wedding night coverage was completed with some fun night photos and many hugs for the newlyweds. I cant wait to celebrate with Stephanie and Paul again soon, when I photograph Steph's bridesmaid Laura as she ties the knot next year! Cant wait!

Client Review

If we could give a higher number, we would! Caitlin’s services can not be expressed on a number scale. What we got from her was simply amazing. From the beginning, she was always very quick to answer any question we had and make the process as easy as possible. Our engagement shoot was great, and Caitlin was fearless. She had no problem climbing on anything to get the perfect shot, or hiking down a woody trail to discover the perfect photo location. As it came time for our wedding, Caitlin was on point with everything! On our wedding day, she was everywhere but invisible all at the same time. Our pictures came out so beautiful. She was able to get shots of things we didn’t even realize we happening. The shots of my husband and I having the best day of our lives were captured with such ease, we didn’t even know Caitlin was right by our side. She was able to get those candid’s that everyone wishes they could have in a frame, capturing the fun of all the guests. We were blown away with our sunset pictures that she drove us to in order to capture the light at the right time. Caitlin is more than a photographer, she is that person on your wedding day that makes you feel at ease, that takes care of everything for you, even things that aren’t her job (dropping off frames and flower petals at the venue for us). She goes above and beyond and her work shows it. We would recommend Caitlin for any job, as she has a magical way of capturing every moment you hope for.

Favorite Moment:
When she put me in the front seat of her car and was able to fit my LONGGGG train inside as well as she raced my husband and I to the marina for the perfect sunset photos. Rating 5/5

—Stephanie and Paul