Voted "Best of Lake George Region" 2014 – 2018


Manzanillo, Mexico

From the Photographer

Dale and Donn's wedding story, and how they chose me to photograph their Mexican wedding is quite the tale. I was traveling to Croatia on a trip with my mother back in April. Donn and Dale, also avid travelers, were in our group. The four of us hit it off and became friends by the end of the trip. Throughout the tour, we shared many stories, including how Donn and Dale met, and that they have been together for 20+ years! On the last night of the trip, they shared with us that they were anxiously awaiting a positive US Supreme Court decision that would mandate legal same-sex marriage for the whole country. Touched by their story and 20+ years of patience, I offered to photograph the wedding for free if (when) the decision came through. I knew Donn and Dale were from Ohio, so I offered the wedding coverage for the price of a plane ticket to Ohio. When June came, of course the Supreme Court approved the bill and Donn and Dale became engaged! I received emails and a phone call from the couple, who spontaneously decided to switch their wedding location to Mexico! Of course I was thrilled and upheld my offer to photograph for the cost of a plane ticket. So, in October, my "plus one" (my mom, who had met Dale and Donn also) and I flew to Colima Mexico and drove to Manzanillo, a small town on the coast where the wedding party, grooms and guests were staying. We stayed the week and on the morning of Oct 14th, began to prep for the wedding day. Donn, Dale and their best men and I rose early to beat the Mexican heat, and captured formal photos. We even took a few of Steve and JT, who were unhappy with their own wedding photos from earlier that year. Gotta love a re-do! Later that day, Donn and Dale traveled to a private beach, where a stunning set up awaited them among the palm trees, overlooking the ocean. They exchanged heart felt vows (not a dry eye remained) and were marred by a close friend. As a wedding photographer I often "feel the love," but this trumped them all. I discovered its very difficult to photograph through watery eyes! Following the ceremony was an intimate dinner, complete with beachside DJ and celebratory music selection of the best of the 80's and 90's. Following a delicious dinner and fun toasts (and a special visit from the local beach-dwelling hermit crabs!), the guests relaxed and cooled down in the villa's pool and bar area. Of course some fun "ring" photos and cake cutting were mandatory! A beautiful sunset lit up the sky in the perfect ending to this Mexican wedding day 20+ years in the making.