Voted "Best of Lake George Region" 2014, 2015 & 2016

Voted “Best of Lake George Region 2014, 2015, & 2016” by past clients!

Davida & Gordon

Caitlin is amazing! From the moment we spoke to her, we knew she was the best person for us to capture our special moments in our life. My husband and I first hired Caitlin to do our engagement photos back in May of 2016. Caitlin is from the Lake George area (come to find out we had a lot of mutual friends) and was willing to trek all over our wooded property (where we chose to have our engagement photos) to find the perfect spots to take our pictures. She was professional and definitely knew what we were looking for in our photos. Caitlin took our setting and us as a couple and made our photos look so extraordinary and elegant with her talents as a photographer. She is top notch!

Then it came time to working on our wedding in February 2017 in Lake George at Dunhams Bay. Caitlin was fantastic! She knows the area so well and was able to help us find the beautiful lake shots that we wanted for our pictures. Caitlin was also so willing to work with our 14 people wedding party (6 girls, 6 guys plus my husband and I). She knew what poses worked for each photo. Caitlin knew exactly how to get us to laugh and to get every aspect of the photo to look natural and just simply beautiful. Her professionalism is beyond compare. She was willing to direct the limo driver where to go from location to location, was so kind and understanding when working with our families and was willing to stand out in the cold to get the perfect shot. If I requested a specific type of photo at a certain location, she would do anything to make that happen for me. Caitlin was also continuously responding to my endless questions and so easy to talk to and just a wonderful person to be around. If anyone is looking for a wonderful, caring and extremely talented photographer this is the woman for you! Caitlin made my wedding day the perfect day for me! I couldn’t ask for a better photographer and an all around beautiful person and friend.

Favorite Moment:
My favorite moment was when Caitlin gave up her coat for me when I was standing outside taking endless family photos. Caitlin saw I was beyond cold, and was willing to sacrifice her warmth for my own. She called me a trooper, but she was the trooper and kudos to her for hanging out in the cold with me to get those perfect photos for my family to remember this day forever. Hands down best woman on the planet and best photographer by far!!!

Leah & Craig

Hiring Caitlin Miller was one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process. Every encounter we had with Caitlin was productive and professional. She thought of every possible detail during the planning phases and captured every last detail on our big day. Caitlin took every possible photo opportunity without us even realizing it. She was a true sport, and even helped lead a dance while somehow simultaneously photographing it! She helped with my train, my flowers, and worked hard to make sure I was comfortable throughout the entire day. My (now) husband and I were very nervous about finding the right fit for a photographer because we don’t typically enjoy having our photo taken. We knew Caitlin was the right fit during our first meeting when she patiently answered every question while providing us with thoughtful and insightful suggestions and guidance. Caitlin managed to put us at ease and take photos where we appeared comfortable and confident (something we never thought would be possible). Caitlin even managed to sneak us away during the reception and quickly and skillfully captured the most amazing night shots! My husband and I had a blast during the photo shoot and it has become one of our most treasured memories from our wedding day. We received our photos much faster than we anticipated and we were absolutely smitten with Caitlin’s work. Every time we look through our photos we feel like we are reliving our beautiful day. Caitlin is a true professional, a delight to work with, and a talented photographer. We cannot thank her enough. Rating 5/5

Samantha & Victor

Caitlin went above and beyond mine and my husband’s expectations for our wedding photos. We would highly recommend her to anyone getting married or if you want beautiful professional photographs done. Even from the day we talked to her over Skype to discuss her wedding photography packages we knew she was the one we wanted. Caitlin is very personable, kind and knowledgeable of her craft. She was open to any suggestions of photographs that we wanted and remembered everything from all of our emails. She was professional, timely and really knew what to do at every step of the way. Caitlin was more than just our photographer that day; she helped carry my dress & train crossing the street so it would not get wet, carried my bouquet, helped all of the groomsmen and my father put on their boutonnieres and helped me with my veil. She has a vast knowledge of weddings and what to capture during your special day. She made sure we got all of the pictures that we wanted and even had umbrellas so we could capture some photographs outside even though it was raining. Caitlin did not miss a beat and took so many photos that we will cherish forever. She is also very efficient with time. We received the online link to view our photos and a Facebook preview within days of our wedding. Our flash drive was delivered to our house within two weeks of our wedding and we had our album a month and a half after the wedding! The album is flawless and the pictures are stunning. The parent albums were a great gift for Christmas as we had everything for the holidays. Thank you so much Caitlin for everything that you did for us on our wedding day and helping us create life-long memories through our pictures! Rating 5/5

Bridgette & Poul

Caitlin was so much more wonderful than we could have hoped! We loved Caitlin because of her approachable demeanor which I found to be lacking in other photographers. I’m pretty mild-mannered and have a hard time when photographers are overly bossy and in your face – I’ve been to a lot of weddings in which this is the case so Caitlin was a breath of fresh air. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and also brimming with knowledge and ideas since she completed art school and knows that she can be effective without being overbearing. I am so grateful we found her. She was so easy to work with and open to every idea Poul and I had. Honestly, I was clueless about what shots to take and what to do in each shot – Caitlin made it so that didn’t matter, because she trained us through each shot with very clear and easy instructions. We literally had nothing to worry about all day – she took care of everything. She travelled to each of our “getting ready” locations to get us really special memory shots with our parties and took gorgeous nighttime outdoor photos since daylight was not on our side in mid-November. After the wedding I had SO many different people approach me to tell me how amazing she was, commenting on how she appeared to be everywhere and nowhere all at once. She was there already anticipating a photo to be taken before someone could ask her to take it. My dad was especially impressed at how hard she worked to get things right, like her standing on chairs to get an aerial view of our crazy dancers. We have SO MANY beautiful photos and I’m shocked that other than the formal photos we took, I barely remember seeing Caitlin at all throughout the reception – which speaks to her ability to know where to be for every photo op whike placing herself in the perfect spot so she’s on the outside looking in. I hope to have more occasions in the future which we can hire her for! Maternity shoot perhaps?! Any excuse will do – we will be hiring her again!!

Favorite Moment:
I loved the outdoor photos Caitlin snuck us away for. We were having so much fun dancing with our friends and family but took a really nice break to cool off and get some really beautiful outdoor photos. It was timed perfectly and we didn’t feel like we missed a thing, but rather that we had some time for just the two of us and that was really special.

Dominique & Josh

Caitlin was incredible! She’s professional and amazing at her work. She has a very good eye and pays attention to details like making sure everyone’s bouquets were lined up perfectly. Not only is she your photographer, but she will handle your dirty work too! Our bus was late so she made the phone call to see where it was.. when some people from the bridal party wandered off, she was able to wrangle them back. She really let you feel stress free and made your day go as smoothly as possible.

Favorite Moment:
I have a lot of favorite moments, like attempting to take pictures outside in the freezing cold. But I think the best part was getting my pictures back so quickly and Caitlin captured such beautiful moments that I didn’t even realize she was around to get. There was one picture where I was “boopin” my new husbands nose and it is one of my favorite pictures because it was not forced, and it was so natural and beautiful!

Kelly & Timothy

My husband and I loved working with Caitlin Miller. We were married six months ago and are still working our way through the amazing pictures. She truly captured the magic of our special day providing us with wonderful images that we will always treasure. As we continue to go through the final prints its such a great feeling to see the joy felt by our family and friends before, during and after our wedding celebration. She was a professional throughout the process. We never felt pressure or stressed. She was such a pleasure to work with on our Wedding Day.

Favorite Moment:
Moments I felt that day but had forgotten and she captured that I will now have to always remember. Also, our children, family members and friends that were there with us that day that we can treasure forever. Rating 5/5

Katie & Neal

Caitlin was wonderful in making our day so special! Leading up to our wedding Caitlin was easy to get in touch with for questions and planning. Caitlin was accommodating and creative for capturing all the images we wanted and more. She battled cold temperatures with a smile on her face the entire time. Her pictures are breathtaking and captured the intimate moments of our relationship, marriage, friendships and celebration. Caitlin left us with beautiful lasting memories that tell the story of our wedding and celebration of marriage.

Favorite Moment:
Going into a secluded garden by the lake to take pictures as husband and wife. Caitlin had a great eye for positioning us and finding beautiful and unique spots to take pictures. We cannot possibly pick a favorite picture from this series, Caitlin gave us so many beautiful shots! Rating 5/5

Genevieve & George

We hired Caitlin for our wedding at Dunham’s Bay Resort last month, and couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. The work she does is amazing; Capturing every moment, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Not to mention she’s fast! We got our photos back in weeks and we’re elated with how they came out. She’s truly talented and I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to shoot their big day. Our pictures are gorgeous. Thank you!!!

Favorite Moment:
It’s hard to say because I think there are aspects of all the different moments, that stand out; from posing with my new husband to dancing with my dad and the rest of my guests… She caught it all! Rating: 5/5

Keirsten & Joe

A mutual friend of Caitlin’s and ours actually suggested her when we started looking for wedding photographers. As soon as we met and saw her work, we were sold! From our engagement photo shoot to the end of our wedding day, she made things incredibly easy for us. She had so many great ideas for our pictures, including aesthetics, backgrounds, and posing. Not only did she know exactly what she was doing, but she listened to all our ideas too. No matter how stressful things became along the way, Caitlin made us feel like we had nothing to worry about, which was especially true on our wedding day. We really appreciated the fact that she made us feel so carefree that day and we had no doubt in our mind that our wedding pictures would look fantastic! We can’t say enough good things about Caitlin, her work, and her professionalism! Everything about her and what she does is top quality!

Favorite Moment:
One of our favorite moments was taking pictures with the entire wedding party after the ceremony. It was so much fun goofing around with everyone and Caitlin captured some really funny moments!

Ashlea & Jay

Caitlin was simply amazing! Her recommendations for must have photos, poses, and backdrops were excellent! I am so happy with the way all of the photos came out. She has a beautiful talent! Even though we were running out of sunlight she never made us feel rushed and she made every shot perfect. Also she can tie a gorgeous bow! She helped me with anything else I needed that day outside of being our photographer, Which she certainly did not have to do… From fixing my dress, my flowers, and even just walking in heels through the grass. My husband even commented on how professional she was and that he couldn’t wait to see the pictures because everything was so well planned and creative! If you ask me, Cait delivers! And those night photos? Just wow!

Favorite Moment:
I personally loved the formal couples session without the bridal party, it was very a relaxed and romantic way to spend some time with my new husband amidst all of the crazy happenings at a wedding. You can tell in the photos how happy we were to get those moments

Laura & Eric

Caitlin was amazing! She has clearly been doing this in the area a long time. Our wedding was at Dunham’s Bay in Lake George and she knew the venue inside and out, and was very efficient with our time! The photos are AMAZING – all of our friends and even my hard to please mother were vastly impressed! We got some great photos together by the lake, and still had time to sit and relax for cocktail hour.

Favorite Moment:
She took all my bridesmaids and me to a little back nook in the woods that i guess can be used for ceremonies, and got some great photos of us making silly faces and doing straight poses. I also liked the shots she got of my husband and i, and we got some silly ones together as well. It was a perfect day and she really highlighted every great moment! Rating: 5/5

Jamie & Jameson

When I received my wedding photos just 10 days after my wedding, I spent over 6 hours staring at them because they were absolutely stunning! I didn’t want to go to bed that night because I felt like I was reliving my fairy tale wedding all over again! Caitlin is a professional, kind, calming and easy going photographer. From meeting her at a bridal show and chatting with her on the phone before booking, I could just tell she was going to work out for us. Her pricing was very clear and fair. She has many different options and add ons to fit all budgets. She answered all of my emails throughout the year and was accepting of my long family shot list and desired wedding photos. She never got in the way while we were getting ready. She helped me put my dress on, wipe my tears and adjust my train all day making me picture perfect. She had her hands full with my husband and groomsmen but she laughed with them and captured some pretty hilarious photos! Caitlin worked well with all of our vendors and was extremely knowledgeable of everything! She explained to me why certain desired photos and locations weren’t going to look as good because of the strong sun on my wedding day so we were able to adjust and pick better locations and poses together. She let us enjoy cocktail hour and our reception, and she made sure to capture any last minute shots before she said her goodbyes and left for the evening. Everyone is blown away by her photographs and I am beyond ecstatic! She posted our Facebook sneak peak just 10 days after our wedding and emailed me the full gallery of all of our images. I also received a flash drive of all of our images as jpegs and [copies] with her watermark for online sharing that weekend. I cannot wait to receive our album! I wholeheartedly recommend Caitlin Miller to help make sure your special event is captured beautifully and remembered for years to come!

Alyssa & James

Caitlin was amazing to work with from our very first Skype meeting and all the way through our Wedding day. She was able to fit out engagement session in last minute before our move across the county, and each and every picture came out exactly as we wanted. She responded very quickly to all of my pre-wedding questions and worries and made me feel at ease through the ehtire process. On the day of the wedding Caitlin was there as our photographer and as a friend, she helped carry the train of my dress while we took our of our outdoor pictures and even helped bustle my dress when the ceremony was over. She was experienced and knew where and when to take the best pictures and it definitely showed in the final product. Caitlin made sure that we finished taking all of our photos in time for us to enjoy our cocktail hour with our friends and family. James and I received our wedding photos in two and a half weeks from the day of our wedding and were thrilled to get to see them so quickly! Each shot was moment from our wedding that because of her i will never forget. I recommend Caitlin Miller to anyone looking for a photographer to capture a special event. Thank you Caitlin for everything!

Favorite Moment:
My favorite moment from the Wedding was when Caitlin took James and I back to the where we had the ceremony to take a night time picture, It is one of my favorite pictures from the Wedding. Afterwords James and I got to sit and take some time for just the two of us without any guests around. It was a perfect time to get to just sit and talk with my new husband!

Jenna & James

While searching for photographers for our destination wedding in Lake George, we kept running across the same name…Caitlin Miller Photography…We decided to go to an AAWA wedding show and she was there…We finally meant Caitlin…Her work we looked at that day was beautiful…I remember thinking to myself this is too good to be true…We hired Caitlin!!!It was by far the best decision that we made. We did two engagement shots with Caitlin, she also photographed our wedding. Caitlin is very professional, understanding, talented, and experienced. We truly have meant a lifelong friend that we look forward to have to photograph our events and life stories for years to come!Caitlin exceeded all expectations for us. She did an amazing job and the photographs are more than we ever could have asked for. She made sure that she knew exactly what we were looking for, and wanted to understand the type of photographs that we wanted. During our engagement shoots she was sure to show us various posing tips that we so helpful on our wedding day!! She was organized and was sure to get shots at amazing angles.Like I said we couldn’t be happier with the quality, the professionalism, the promptness and attention to detail. If we had a question Caitlin was always so quick to get back to us!!!
Thanks So Much!!!!!!

Favorite Moment:
All moments were amazing but we really appreciated the comfort and connection that we had with Caitlin by the time our wedding came around. Our FAVORITE was dipping and photographing at The Sagamore on that stormy morning!

Elizabeth and Brock

Caitlin is an amazing photographer, as seen in all of her work. Prior to our wedding, we were in contact with Caitlin to share our ideas and finalize all the details. She was very open to everything we wanted to do for our photos. Even though there was a chance of storms on our wedding day, Caitlin came prepared with umbrellas in order to be able to fulfill our wish to have some of our photos outside. We were impressed with her patience, hard work and ability to capture all the details of our special day. Everyone that looks at our photos comments on how amazing they are! Thank you Caitlin for the wonderful photos! We can’t wait to get our albums!

Tiffany & Chris

We met Caitlin at a bridal show. Her display instantly drew us in. Caitlin has a unique vibrant style that stands out. Not only are her pictures extraordinary… She is professional and a pleasure to work with! Caitlin made us feel so comfortable and at ease. We are thrilled with our choice to use Cautlin as our wedding photographer. We have amazing pictures to last a lifetime.

Favorite Moment:
A moment that stood out to us is when Caitlin chose to photograph us beside a beautiful sailboat knowing that we have a love for the lake. Caitlin took her shoes off and walked into the water to get the perfect shot. Her passion shows in her pictures.

We couldn’t be happier! We hope to stay in touch with Caitlin!

Talia & Bret

In the world of weddings there are TONS of options, so much that it can easily become overwhelming. Bret and I had gathered info on a bunch of photographers early on in our process and Caitlin immediately shined! Her work is amazing, and after we had the opportunity to get coffee with her we knew it was a perfect fit. She made us feel at ease with the process from our first encounter and kept us feeling secure throughout the coming months and through the day of the wedding. We had some severe weather warnings on our big day but that didn’t stop us. Caitlin was prompt and came prepared with umbrellas and a positive attitude. I remember Caitlin assuring me she was game for whatever the day brought and she stood by her word. She is a perfect balance of being assertive without ever making you feel like you are no longer in control of your day. We had a large, fun loving bridal party and she still managed to corral all of us to get all the necessary photos and them some. Its amazing what she captures when you are not paying attention, some of these photos are just too funny haha. She clearly doesn’t miss a beat. When it comes to your wedding day my best advice is to choose your vendors with care, they can make or break your day. Caitlin is one of the best and someone you will thank yourself for working with.

Favorite Moment:
Its so hard to pick a favorite moment because there are so many. I will say my absolute favorite photos came from the Rock garden at the Yaddo. I never planned on going to that part of the Yaddo for photos, but I am so happy she led us there. These photos are spectacular – its that simple. Trusting Caitlin to make those calls on where to take the photos was the best thing we could have done, she thinks outside of the box in ways we wouldn’t have. Also her backlit night time photos are something out of a fairy tale – simply stunning.

Erin & William

Caitlin was an amazing photographer. We couldn’t have made a better choice when we chose her. She was able to capture all of the special small moments as well as the big ones. She was extremely patient and professional the whole day. She was so easy to work with as well. I had only met Caitlin once briefly before booking her for our wedding. We opted out of doing an engagement shoot, so we were a little nervous that we would be missing the connection we would have had with her if we spent more time with her. To our surprise she made us feel very comfortable and the chemistry was perfect between us. All of our guests keep telling us how awesome Caitlin was and how great all of the pictures came out. There was literally not a bad shot that she took. We cannot wait to receive our album. Thank You Caitlin for all of your help and for the amazing pictures you took for us! I have been handing out your business card to all of my soon to be married friends!

Favorite Moment:
Our favorite moment was the first look photo shoot that we had. Caitlin was incredible. She made us feel so comfortable although our nerves were off the radar crazy. She was able to capture some very sweet pictures of us laughing(since we realized that Erin giggles when she’s nervous). Caitlin was so great at capturing that very very special moment. Rating 5/5

Amanda & Dave

Caitlin was absolutely wonderful to work with. I happened to come across her table at a Bridal expo, Caitlin herself could not be there but I took her information and began researching. One Skype session later and David and I knew we had found our photographer. We didn’t meet face to face until the wedding day but it felt so natural having her around!

David and I are goofy, fun loving people and serious shots are not our thing. Caitlin did an incredible job at capturing our personalities in her photographs, I think we are laughing in almost every one! Her pictures of our reception stand out as they so wonderfully captured the fun and loving nature of our family and friends enjoying a good dance off and limbo competitions…she missed nothing!

A good friend of mine was able to look at all the photos before me as I was out of the country on my honeymoon. I got a text from her saying how amazed she was at what an incredible job Caitlin did by herself with minimal equipment, she wanted to know if we knew Caitlin or had just seriously lucked out…that’s how great she is!

Not only is she an incredible photographer but she is a wonderful person. She was smiling alongside us from start to finish. Thank you Caitlin for everything!

Favorite Moment:
While David and I were doing our personal photos outside by the water there were two men setting up boxes on the dock. Caitlin told us they were setting up for an event the next morning so they left half the dock clean for us…we thought nothing of it. Come to find out my father-in-law had set up a surprise fireworks show for the end of the reception and Caitlin had been in on it! She stayed past the time we had booked her for in order to capture this wonderful moment of our day and every single person who has looked at the fireworks photos is in awe over how well they came out!

Chelsea & Omar

In today’s world of weddings there are so many choices for photography, but I truly feel like we found an absolute gem in Caitlin. She was highly recommended by many other wedding professionals and has earned her reputation of not only being easy to work with but has an ability to produce stunning photographs in a professional, relaxed manner. We appreciated that Caitlin had very clear policies and pricing, was very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable about the industry. On the day of the wedding she worked so well with our desire to spend time enjoying the day without taking too much time for posed photography. Seeing the prints you would never guess, as she captured every moment perfectly as if it was all done for the pictures! Caitlin was able to blend in and capture shots seamlessly, while at the same time being a calming, helpful friend to fix my dress, adjust the veil, move people in and out of shots and coordinate a fun group photo. She has the perfect personality to be efficient and fun but not overwhelming. We had our pictures back extremely quickly, and each one is more beautiful than I imagined. Guests who were not able to attend have commented that through her pictures they feel like they were there. I couldn’t recommend a better person to both be there by your side on the wedding day, and to provide amazing photographs to remember the day forever.

Favorite Moment:
The first look is a perfect culmination of Caitlin’s talents- not only did she find the perfect spot but she orchestrated a special moment that felt so private while capturing AMAZING pictures! Rating 5/5

Kristi & Josh

There are so many wonderful things to be said about Caitlin Miller and her work. I’ve known for a long time how kind, funny, down to earth, and reliable Caitlin is – That’s part of the reason I wanted her to photograph our wedding! When Josh and I were newly engaged, we started looking at Caitlin’s website and checking out her work at bridal shows. It was undeniable that her work stood out from the rest. Her images are crisp, clean, romantic, and artful. After seeing so many of her lovely photographs, and reading all of her glowing reviews, we knew that Caitlin was the one we needed to capture our big day.

Prior to the wedding, Caitlin kept in excellent contact with us, asking us questions about details we hadn’t even thought of yet. It was clear that she knew what she was doing. Any time we emailed her with questions, she replied rapidly. In the midst of our wedding planning chaos, that was greatly appreciated.

On the day of our wedding, Caitlin was an absolute blessing. I don’t know what we would have done without her. She showed up right on time with an upbeat, positive attitude and a smile on her face. She got to work immediately, snapping candid photos that I didn’t even realize she was taking. (Many of which have quickly become our favorites.) When we needed guidance, Caitlin was right there with tips, tricks, and advice.

Caitlin is a true master of her art. She remained completely calm, cool, and collected while wrangling us and our families for photos, traveling between our venue and our desired photo locations, and helping us navigate the events of the day without stress. Somehow, between all of the running around and helping us out with things likely outside of her job description, she managed to capture absolutely stunning photographs that made us cry (happy tears!!!) when we saw them. Caitlin did far more for us than I ever could have expected, and we are eternally grateful. She was a lifesaver, and the photos she captured for us will be treasured for years to come. Caitlin is more than an excellent photographer. She is a true professional, an anchor in the wild sea of wedding day chaos, and a woman that anyone would be lucky to have working on their side.

Thank you again, Caitlin, for stepping up to the plate and really knocking this one out of the park! All of your hard work really helped make our wedding day perfect for us! I wish we could give you more than a 5/5 rating. You deserve a 100/5. 🙂

Favorite Moment:
One of our (many) favorite moments with Caitlin was when she helped me (the bride!) climb up into a tree at Crandall park. My maid of honor, Katherine, mentioned that it might be a cool shot, and Caitlin, without hesitation, said, “We can definitely do that!” and got right to work. She helped my groom and maid of honor LIFT me into the tree, situated my dress and flowers, and got to work snapping photos. I’m sure it was a hilarious sight to see, but Caitlin didn’t even bat an eye. She was so open to doing what WE wanted, and it really meant a lot to us.

Another favorite moment  (because how could I choose?!) was when Caitlin climbed halfway up into a moving bouncy castle to capture the entire bridal party bouncing around like maniacs. Between the tiny, netted entryway, her giant camera, and the wildly bouncing structure, it was a hilarious, true show of her down-to-earth attitude, as she put herself right in the middle of the action to capture some of our absolute favorite photos. She truly is unmatched in her dedication to pleasing her clients. (You really are the best of the best, Caitlin! We are so happy you could be a part of our big day! Thanks for everything!)

Sam & Laura

We recently received our wedding photos…there are not enough words to describe how wonderful they are! Thank you Caitlin, for being attentive, reliable and an absolute true professional in your line of work.  Every fun and special moment was captured so perfectly and brilliantly.  After reviewing the photos with our family, tears of pure joy were shed as our special day was captured in the most amazing way possible. Caitlin is a true artist and fully understands the needs and wants of her clients. There is no other photographer I would recommend to anyone. Thank you again so much from the bottom of our hearts, we have pictures that we will cherish for a lifetime!
Favorite Moment:
Meeting Caitlin because she is AWESOME!!

Rating 5/5

Molly & Chris

Caitlin Miller is an OUTSTANDING professional, our perfect could not look better, and she made me feel very confident throughout our entire day.
We left our keys in the grass during photos and didn’t realize until we were already on or way to the reception. We called Caitlin and she said “Don’t worry about it, I got it” went back to the garden and brought our keys to us without a question.

I completely understand how she is such a decorated photographer!! Book her and book her QUICK!

Favorite Moment:
Caitlin telling me about a garden in full bloom (morning of) and me saying “LET’S DO IT” Changing the plan day of was simple, no a lot people don’t/won’t do that but I felt that Caitlin would need lead us astray! Rating 5/5

Chad & Megan

Caitlin was our wedding day superhero.  She fit us in on short notice and Skyped us while we were out of the country, asking what we wanted out of our wedding photos.  We told her we wanted a lot of candids as well as a few formal pictures.  She gave us exactly what we asked for on the day and we were amazed at how many moments she captured.  After the wedding, she turned the pictures around so fast that we were the hold up when it came to making our wedding book selections.

Caitlin also has a great knowledge of the people and places of Lake George.  She was our unofficial wedding planner.  She made restaurant recommendations, helped coordinate things on the day….  We couldn’t have been more happy with our pictures or our experience.  Caitlin is an accomplished professional, has an incredible eye for dramatic detail, and on top of that we loved hanging out with her.

We would recommend her to anyone who wants a beautifully-captured, worry-free wedding day. Rating 5/5

Rachael & Zack

We could not have asked for a better experience! When we first spoke with Caitlin we were located in AZ. We were moving to NY and getting married, she was so professional and honest. She understood our situation, our concerns and more importantly it was so easy to talk with. Her heart is so big, her passion for her career shows in her images! She got us in touch with our wedding planner which then directed us to all our vendors. She was loved by all guests at our wedding and was fun to work with! She has an amazing personality and always answers emails quickly, which was calming during planning. Caitlin checked in monthly to make sure we were doing okay, she was concerned about how we were overall. She is more than a photographer, she becomes part of your life and captures amazing moments during the most beautiful days of your life. If you want someone professional, fun, loving (not to mention great at communicating) Caitlin Miller Photography is the place to go!!! We are so happy that you captured not only the special moments, but our personalities on our beautiful wedding day. Thank you for everything! Look forward to working with you again!

Favorite Moment:
Our favorite moment is hard to say, there are so many. She helped me relax when I got nervous, her calming words helped in every step of the way. Her overall professionalism was outstanding! She made us laugh and made the day even more special by being there capturing every important moment! Rating 5/5

Jen & Henry

Caitlin is extremely knowledgeable, flexible and attentive. Even if it doesn’t have to do with photography, she is willing to help. Caitlin is not intrusive or pushy, however she is open, professional and courteous. Caitlin captured all of our important moments just perfectly and also worked well with our other vendors. She made us feel very comfortable and most importantly, relaxed! I would highly recommend Caitlin!

Meaghan & Nick

When I think back of when we first met Caitlin over a year ago at a bridal show (we went specifically to meet her and see her work after browsing her website), as soon as we got into the car, I told my then-fiance that I wanted Caitlin to be my friend- she is SO nice, friendly, warm, and relaxed. She has this way about her that made me instantly feel comfortable and excited about her capturing our big day. Every meeting, every email after that only reinforced that feeling. Having Caitlin alongside us at our big day at the Canfield Casino was like having a friend capturing our big moments. She knew exactly what Nick and I wanted and knows we aren’t very formal people and captured our personalities perfectly throughout the day. She has such a vision and artistic talent, that even the mundane moments look like works of art in our pictures. We loved how engagement pictures turned out, but were blown away by the wedding pictures; every one of our family and friends are as well. I didn’t know if the magic we felt that night could come across in pictures, but it absolutely did that and more. We have been constantly looking at our photos because it brings back so many wonderful memories for us. She did the most phenomenal job and was absolutely the best we could’ve ever dreamed of having.  Everything about her work is detailed, precise, and perfect. If I could give a rating higher than 5, I would give her 500. Nick and I can’t speak more highly of Caitlin as a person & a photographer.

Favorite Moment:
Tough to pick a favorite moment. I love some of the formal ones, especially where we were standing at our engagement spot. We also really love the one of us in front of the Canfield and it’s such an incredible picture in an iconic spot. It’s really fun to look and see a peaceful scene outside and know that our guests are living it up on the inside. The same with the night photos. They just illuminate the magic of the night and show a peaceful and quiet time between us, while 20 feet from us inside there is a party going on. I also really like the photos of us through the tree. It is so incredibly artistic and not something I would’ve ever thought of, and they came out spectacular. I also really love all the reception photos; Caitlin truly captured the moments, whether it was Nick’s dad doing the turtle, or me standing with my parents before the father-daughter dance, or the confetti and bubbles raining on the entire crowd as everyone is jumping around- they are just absolute perfection. We truly can’t pick one moment, they are all SO great. Every picture is a favorite moment. Rating 5/5

Marianna & Mike

My fiance and I booked with Caitlin after looking through the photos on her website. Our wedding is coming up next year and she just did our engagement shoot on May 1st at The Sagamore in Lake George.  She made us feel super comfortable and sent us a link to our photos so fast!  My fiance and I looked through all of the pictures and now have a huge problem…we have to pick only 4 to use on our save the dates, we love them all! Caitlin is very professional and is truly amazing at her art form.

Favorite Moment:
Caitlin asking my fiance and I if we were ok doing  a dip. My first thought, because we were on a dock, was that she meant taking a dip in the lake. After a second I realized what she actually meant, Michael and I doing a dance dip.  We definitely got a few good laughs in before we practiced the dip! Rating: 5/5

Jackie & Steve

Caitlin is a wonderful photographer, she did such a great job posing us and getting us to relax to get great shots. She took her time with us and took amazing photos with beautiful backgrounds.our pictures turned out so great, Caitlin made us look beautiful!

Favorite Moment:
I loved that Caitlin took numerous shots with many beautiful backgrounds, and it was such fun posing so many different ways. It was a beautiful sunny relaxing day. Rating 5/5

Ashley & Kyle

I fell in love with Caitlin’s work at the AAWA office. My husband and I were on a tight budget for our wedding, and I assumed we would not be able to afford Caitlin Miller Photography. After meeting with Mark at AAWA, he passed my information on to Caitlin who I heard from soon after our meeting. She sent a friendly email asking if we would be interested in working with her. I responded, “Of course! But I don’t think we can afford you.” Caitlin expressed her interest in working with us and shared her variety of photo packages. I quickly realized that Caitlin’s flexibility would allow us to make it work. Throughout the entire process, Caitlin was approachable, flexible, honest, and reliable. She responded quickly to my emails and regularly checked in to ensure I was informed. She was punctual on the day of and did everything that we asked of her. I sent her a list of “must have” photos in advance and she ensured that every single one of them happened. We were married in October and all I wanted were fall photos. On the day, it was snowing and only 37 degrees outside. But, Caitlin made it work. She brought her mittens and jacket and searched the property to ensure that we got the photos that I dreamed of. We have received hundreds of compliments on the quality of our photos and how they are so, “us.” This compliment is a testament to Caitlin, because we had no clue what we wanted, we just shared who we were and what we loved. My house is now FULL of photos from our wedding because I love every single one of them so much! My guests commented, “Your photographer is everywhere!” and that is clearly evident in our photos!

Favorite Moment:
I need to share two…
1) After our family photos, Caitlin said she found somewhere to take us. Like I said… I wanted fall photos. We got in a van and drove to the most beautiful trail full of trees with yellow foliage and a trail covered in yellow, orange, and red leaves. It was breathtaking, and our photos from that space are gorgeous. Caitlin really listened to what we wanted and went out of her way to make it happen.
2) Our reception photos are AWESOME! I just love seeing our guests having a good time. I think every single one of our guests made it in to at least one photos. At one point, Caitlin was literally on a chair photographing dance moves. This is a sign of a photographer who is willing to get in the action! These photos, and the photos of our sparkler exit, are some of my favorites from the day! Rating 5/5

Dominique and Josh

My Fiance and I just had our Engagement photo shoot done and we are extremely happy how they came out! Caitlin is great to work with. She has such a fun personality and really made us feel comfortable. My fiance hates having his picture taken and he always feels so awkward, but he felt comfortable and loosened up a few pictures in. I can not wait to have her take pictures on our wedding day and capture the moments I want to last forever! I would recommend Caitlin to anyone!

Favorite Moment:
I loved that we could be a little goofy and laugh with Caitlin while we were shooting . Really made our experience enjoyable. I can only imagine how many laughs we will have for the big day!

Allison & Jody

We couldn’t be happier that we chose Cait to photograph our wedding. She captured so many important moments of our wedding day and was able to pay attention to detail, all while keeping up with the craziness a wedding day brings. Cait had endless ideas to really capture the “winter wonderland” theme we wanted. We are so pleased with Cait’s quality of work, and very impressed with how quickly we received our photos. Cait also worked very well with all of the vendors we hired for our wedding day, one if which was coordinating with the DJ to make sure all the important pictures got taken. Again we are so glad we picked Cait to be our photographer. She is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for giving us forever memories of the happiest day of our lives.

Favorite Moment:
Our favorite moment would have to be, taking pictures outside in the snow. Cait is such a trooper, this was not the first time she had to walk through the cold snow to capture the photos we envisioned. She made it relaxing and fun, and we did so much laughing, the cold was not even bothering us. We had such a great time!

Amy & Josh

I am so grateful that we found Caitlin for our wedding!  From the first time that I reached out to her with her availability, she answered quickly and enthusiastically, and talked me through everything that I needed to know.  She was so accommodating leading up to the wedding, especially when she Skyped with us to brief us on the schedule for the wedding day.

I felt that she went above and beyond on our wedding day; she even got there early and drove around the area to scope out photo shoot locations to propose to me (ones that I had had in mind too!).  She ran back and forth between my husband and I, always asking if we needed anything.  She captured everything and more for our reception and ceremony, and had a huge part in keeping us on schedule.

Most of my friends and family can tell you that I don’t enjoy having my picture taken, and am not a photogenic person.  Caitlin made me feel so comfortable the whole day, and all of our pictures came out beautifully.  We were so happy with the entire experience, and would recommend Caitlin in a heartbeat!

Favorite Moment:
I was still in the middle of getting my hair done when Caitlin disappeared for a minute.  When she came back, she asked for our rings.  I gave them to her and saw that she was cradling a small, perfect maple leaf in her other hand.  It really touched me that she had searched around outside of the house to find that perfect leaf to rest our rings on in front of the fireplace, which of course made for a perfect picture! Rating 5/5

Dale & Donn

Cait was just AMAZING! She captured evert moment and had some great ideas. She was on top of the best times to shoot the pictures and made the photo shoots fun. We met Cait on a trip to Croatia and she expressed that she would LOVE to shoot our wedding. We feel like we made a friend for life. GREAT JOB!

Favorite Moment:
Our beach photo shoot and the Roman candles were fun! Rating 5/5

Stephanie & Paul

If we could give a higher number, we would! Caitlin’s services can not be expressed on a number scale.  What we got from her was simply amazing.  From the beginning, she was always very quick to answer any question we had and make the process as easy as possible.  Our engagement shoot was great, and Caitlin was fearless.  She had no problem climbing on anything to get the perfect shot, or hiking down a woody trail to discover the perfect photo location.  As it came time for our wedding, Caitlin was on point with everything! On our wedding day, she was everywhere but invisible all at the same time.  Our pictures came out so beautiful.  She was able to get shots of things we didn’t even realize we happening.  The shots of my husband and I having the best day of our lives were captured with such ease, we didn’t even know Caitlin was right by our side.  She was able to get those candid’s that everyone wishes they could have in a frame, capturing the fun of all the guests.  We were blown away with our sunset pictures that she drove us to in order to capture the light at the right time.  Caitlin is more than a photographer, she is that person on your wedding day that makes you feel at ease, that takes care of everything for you, even things that aren’t her job (dropping off frames and flower petals at the venue for us).  She goes above and beyond and her work shows it.  We would recommend Caitlin for any job, as she has a magical way of capturing every moment you hope for.

Favorite Moment:
When she put me in the front seat of her car and was able to fit my LONGGGG train inside as well as she raced my husband and I to the marina for the perfect sunset photos. Rating 5/5

Liz & Kyle

We are so happy that we chose Caitlin Miller as our photographer for our wedding next fall, ESPECIALLY after viewing our engagement photographs. They are stunning! She really listened to us and was able to capture exactly what we envisioned for this photo shoot. She not only made us look great but she was able to capture our personalities as well. We would absolutely recommend Caitlin Miller Photography.

Favorite Moment:
My fiancé and I were being a little silly off-camera and Caitlin noticed the little moment we were having and said “wait…do that again,” she took a picture of us just being our goofy selves and it ended up being one of our favorites. Rating 5/5

Brittany & Adam

Wanted to stop by and share our experience we had with Caitlin. She went above and beyond with our photos. We were very satisfied with the results. She offers many packages and you can create your own package that fits you best. On our wedding day, she arrived a bit early and got to work right away. She is very easy to work with. She can direct you if you are unsure what you want, or she will let you do the directing and follow along and do what you ask. She didn’t miss any pictures during the day. She took beautiful pictures of our flowers, rings, and my dress before hand. She did everything we asked and is very easy to be around. Some photographers make me nervous because I am shy, but I was very comfortable around her at all times.  Also, her prices are amazing for the quality of work she gives. Worth every penny.

Favorite Moment:
I have two favorite moments from working with Cait…..They say the key to a great photographer is blending in and barely noticing them. She captured everything, but also kept low key. After the ceremony I remember thinking, I wonder if she got this or that because I didn’t even see her. She did and more. I was very surprised when we got the pictures. She must have been running around during the ceremony to get all the angles she got. The other thing I really liked was she got pictures that I wouldn’t have even thought of asking for. For example, when our witnesses signed the marriage license and different decorations. Rating 5/5

Jackie & Jeff

Caitlin was an amazing photographer. She captured more then we asked.  Everyone couldn’t believe how awesome she was at the wedding. The photos came back so quick and amazing. There was never a problem trying to get a hold of her. She was always available even living so far away from us.  I honestly couldn’t of asked for anyone better.  It was the best experience for us during our most memorable time.

Favorite Moment:
Everything! Rating 5/5

Kate & Baron

We started planning early so that we could have every vendor we wanted. Since the wedding was being planned around the church in which many generations of our family have married in, our only option was the backyard of Kate’s parent’s home. Baron is first generation Chinese and had many family members traveling to the Adirondacks for our special day which meant finding the perfect photographer included the skill of capturing the essence of two cultures becoming one. Kate knew from the moment she met Cait at a bridal show that she needed her as our photographer.

Caitlin had our wedding date available and we set up a Skype meeting since we live in New Hampshire. Cait seemed to know right away what we were looking for in our photographer which made it a simple “Heck Yes!” to hire her.

Cait stayed in contact with us throughout the planning process to help us organize our thoughts. She showed professionalism from the very first meeting and continued throughout the process. Her photography method makes it so you don’t even know she is there and still captures every moment! She caught the surprise on our faces as we received our presents during the tradition of pouring tea for the elders and she snapped the excitement of our guests when a good song played! She caught Baron crying as Kate walked down the isle and captured a moment of pure joy in Kate’s face as we greeted our guests.

The only thing we wish we would have done is announce to everyone to leave the photography during the ceremony to Cait. It was very hard for her to get a photo in the church without a cellphone in it; this wasn’t Caitlin’s fault but we want others to remember this when they tie the knot.

We owe everything to her because each moment has been immortalized in a beautiful and pleasantly painless way.  Thank you, Caitlin, for being our photographer!

Favorite Moment:
There were three moments other than the posed photos she took that we loved; The moment the father of the bride saw her for the first time Baron, the groom; his face when seeing Kate walking down the isle… She caught him wiping away a tear! Finally, the pouring of tea to the elders: a Chinese tradition

Jake & Ellen

When we first met Caitlin we knew she was the best choice to capture our wedding day!  Right from the start she was personable, fun, and professional, and had the style we were looking for.  Leading up to our wedding Caitlin was always available to answer any questions we had and was able to give us lots of great advice.  On the day of our wedding she was able to capture every shot we’d hoped for and many, many more!  When we received our photos we couldn’t have been happier!  Caitlin was a key part of our day and has given us amazing photos we can always cherish.  We would highly recommend her!  Thank you Caitlin!

Favorite Moment:
Some of our favorite photos Caitlin captured are of our sparkler send off!  They are amazing!  However, one of our favorite moments came just before that.  Caitlin had suggested to us that while she was organizing our guests (and somehow also snapping photos of this moment!), my husband and I stay on the dance floor for one final song.  While we danced to one of our favorite songs under an empty tent we were able to talk about the night and take it all in one last time. We never would have thought to do this if it weren’t for Caitlin’s suggestion! Rating 5/5

Allison & David

While searching for photographers for our wedding, we came across Caitlin’s website and her gorgeous photos. After meeting her at a fall bridal show up in Lake George, we knew she needed to be our wedding photographer! She is so personable and so easy to talk to.  She made the whole planning stage a breeze. We were able to Skype with her and talk about plans and she answered all our questions at the drop of a hat as our wedding was not near where we lived.

Her professionalism is stellar, and she keeps in touch with you throughout the whole process. We must have exchanged well over 100 emails back and forth, which really helped in our planning!

When choosing the photos for our album, it was so difficult as we wanted everyone included in the album. That speaks volumes to the quality of work her photos are. She captured great shots of our wedding part and many candids throughout the night, including a some great moments shared by Dave and I. The best part is getting the USB with all the finished photos.

Favorite Moment:
Our favorite moment captured by Caitlin is the photo of our wedding party shotgunning beers. She was able to get this funny, memorable and on a whim moment of the wedding. It is a perfect picture and we love it! Rating 5/5

Kalyn & Evan

Cait and I went to high school together so in some ways, she was the natural pick for my wedding in our hometown of Lake George. We had no idea how hugely we lucked out getting Caitlin to photograph our special day. With all of the stress and chaos of the wedding, Caitlin was the one variable I didn’t need to worry about. She was organized, efficient, friendly and incredibly professional. We couldn’t wait to to receive our pictures… and CMP did not let us down! They are simply magnificent. My favorites are some of the amazing sunsets and the candid moments that only a true expert could capture so perfectly. We shared a selection on Facebook recently and my phone has been ringing off the hook with compliments. I recommend Caitlin Miller Photography without reservation for any special occasion.

Favorite Moment:
At one point, Caitlin discreetly pulled us from the end of dinner to take some photos as the sun set behind the mountains. That moment, watching the sun set lakeside, was so special for Evan and I and Caitlin captured it all so beautifully. Thank you again, Cait! Rating 5/5

Caitlyn & Brad

I hired Caitlyn to take photos for my daughter’s engagement and they were wonderful! I then called her last minute to photograph the wedding. It was just a small, intimate ceremony. Caitlin was absolutely wonderful! She communicated with me regularly through email in the days before the wedding. She came the day of the wedding full of enthusiasm and great ideas.  She jumped right in and got pictures of the gown, bouquet and rings. As I said it was a very small intimate wedding. Caitlin fit right in with the family. She was so sweet and made sure we got all the pictures we wanted. I would not have wanted anyone else taking the pictures and sharing our special day with us. I would choose her again in a heartbeat!

Favorite Moment:
The whole day was my favorite moment!!!  If I had to pick one, I would say it was when Caitlin had my daughter on the balcony for her first picture in her gown before the wedding. It had my mother, the groom’s mother and I in tears. It was a very special moment for sure! Rating 5/5

Deb & Jared

Caitlin Miller is an excellent photographer. For me the most impressive part was the fact that she was so accommodating to our needs and schedule. She had no hesitations when it came to trudging through feet of snow for a winter photo shoot or driving around lake placid to take pictures in front of multiple fields or lakes. Cait had a positive happy attitude the entire time she was working with us and came up with some great ideas for what turned to be some of our favorite photos from our wedding. Her prices are affordable and up front. If your looking for a photographer that’s easy to work with and has a great skill set then look no further. Completely happy and satisfied with our decision to work with Cait Miller.

Favorite Moment:
Favorite moment…The first look photos when Caitlin photographed the first time I saw my wife in her wedding dress. Priceless!

Kristen & Kenny

Caitlin did an amazing job capturing our wedding and we LOVE all of our photos.  She captured the all of our special moments and we love the candid photos.  She is quick on her feet at suggesting creative photos and staged photos. She was great to work with and communicated quickly through email.  A week before the weeding we meet to discuss the photo list and time line of the day.

Favorite Moment:
We loved taking the group photos with our family and wedding party, there was a lot of laughter and funny photos.  We also had a fun time taking our couple photos and Caitlin was very creative using the surrounding area for back drops. We also asked for a backlight photo that came out amazing.  Friends and love ones said it was magical and very Disney.

Amy & Dave

Caitlin did an AMAZING job photographing our wedding. We absolutely love all of our wedding pictures and cannot wait to get our album. She always responded quickly to e-mails and answered any questions we had. We could not have selected a better photographer to capture our wedding day!

Favorite Moment:
Our favorite moment was probably how she was willing to take very specific pictures I wanted. There was one of the groomsmen and the ring barer I wanted set up and it turned out great! Same thing with some sparkler pictures we wanted at the end of the night. She captured all the pictures we wanted throughout the entire day.

Caitlin & Chad

Cait is wonderful!!! We’re so thrilled with the memories she captured in our pictures!!! My husband Chad and I were recently married at Burlap and Beams in Athol, NY.  We live in the South so the day of our wedding was the first time meeting Cait, face to face (we’d skyped to talk details)…I was immediately at ease. She and I are both Cait’s so there was some hilarious confusion but she made us feel like we had a friend by our side….capturing beautiful shots of the surprise bride/groom gifts to one another before the ceremony and she carried the positive vibes right straight through until all of our friends and family were removed from the dance floor at the end of the best day ever!! My husband and I both knew we wanted Cait’s focus to be primarily on candids and that’s exactly what she did!!  We can’t say enough about Cait and her talent! Thank you so much for taking the stress away and giving us some of the most wonderful memories of our lives! You are truly appreciated Cait!

Favorite Moment:
Dance floor!!! Rating 5/5

Meaghan & Nick

Before we went to our first bridal show, we started looking up local photographers and making a list of who we might potentially want to meet. We had come across Caitlin’s photos and was SO impressed by the quality, the color, and the natural shots she got; she was at the very top of the list. We looked at going to a show in Saratoga and when we saw Caitlin’s name on the list of vendors, we signed up on the spot and were so excited to meet her in person and see her work. When we got home that night, we emailed Caitlin immediately to set up a meeting, we wanted to book her before she got snatched up on our wedding date!

From the first talk and the first meeting with Caitlin, we were SO excited to work with her. She has a very refreshing energy to her and it feels like we are hanging out with a friend, who just happens to be fantastic at what she loves to do. Caitlin has an eye for capturing the essence of the couple, while captivating on the beauty of the surroundings and scenery, all while making it look so natural and not forced at all. We met with Caitlin in Lake George for our engagement pictures on July 5th.  Caitlin had so many great ideas on where would be the best places to photograph and knew of a bunch of spots right near the Battlefield that one would have no idea they existed there. She was also excited to take some of our ideas, like take the boat out into Lake George. She managed to do the impossible- make it look as if the lake was very calm on a VERY windy day; you can’t even tell that we were rocking around quite a bit on the boat! Caitlin has such a creative eye and a fantastic sense of what will look good that it makes it very easy on us, all we had to do was smile! We trusted her thoughts & ideas 110% & were not disappointed. The pictures came out better than we hoped and it made even more excited for her to photograph our wedding. I can’t imagine having picked anyone else; she is truly phenomenal at what she does and is the nicest person to work with, we feel very, VERY lucky!

Favorite Moment:
Our favorite moment… we probably had two! One was just walking around the woods behind the Battlefield in Lake George. We didn’t know that area very well (had never even been back there!) and we loved that Caitlin thought of going there and managed to get some pictures that made it look as if we were in a very remote area, not a few feet from the bustling of the town. It was a very serene and calm location and truly captured who we are as people. Our other favorite moment was going out on the boat with Caitlin. There was a lot of traffic in the middle of the lake and very windy with quite a few waves. We laughed a lot with Caitlin as we tried our best to sit still for photos. We give her a lot of props for her steadiness with the camera, it couldn’t have been easy! Added bonus, it is always a lot of fun to be hanging out on the water with someone who enjoys it as much as we do!! Rating 5/5

Jessica & Mike

From day one of meeting Caitlin we felt so comfortable and familiar with her. Having her as our photographer at our wedding was such a great experience. She felt like a long time family friend! Her professionalism was top notch and she didn’t miss a beat. We were so impressed with her creativity! Her photos were so amazing! The way she captured the moment is helping us relive that day every time we look at the photos. We have been recommending her to all of our friends and family. Thank you Caitlin for making our day even more special!

Favorite Moment: Our dog had a panic attack and attempted to eat through a door. She caught him with the evidence and took such a great shot! Not that we could ever forget him doing that, but now we have the photo to show everyone! Rating: 5/5

Dave & Annette

We had a fabulous day, and we were able to record it thanks to Caitlin!  we had inclimate weather at times, but the phots turned out fabulous. Caitlin was easy to work with, very responsive, and listened to all of our needs throughout the day and evening. Clearly her knowledge of the area and venues was very helpful. We would strongly encourage anyone in that [Lake George] area to use Caitlin.

Favorite Moment:
Our pre-ceremony pictures with our family were great.  very spontaneous.  even though my 2 year old grandson was acting up a bit….she was able to control him enough to get some great shots!